An appeal for your support

As you might or might not know, I founded 7 years ago, and run it with a lovely group of volunteers. We have always kept the website open to all and completely free for users.

What you might not know is what that has cost in both money and effort. I spent over £7000 on setting up, establishing and hosting the site before we introduced any advertising, and although we have covered our running costs in the last 18 months, I have never recouped that investment. I’ve also put in the equivalent amount of hours to working a full-time job for nearly two years. That is a huge commitment for a self-employed person to sustain, as it is time in which I am not earning any income. I’m sure if we added in the other admins and moderators who help out that figure would double. And that doesn’t even allow any time for blogging or social media.

However, we aren’t asking for financial support for what we have already done. We are asking for support to enable us to do more and to enable our voice to be heard more widely, by giving us a small amount of funded time to develop new channels of communication and ways to support our users.

To do this we are using a system called Patreon. This is a crowd-funding platform like Kickstarter, but instead of raising money for a single goal it allows users to support a project with a small ongoing monthly payment. In return patrons get access to rewards and additional services. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee once a month, you could show your support for and enable us to expand our offering.

Check out our appeal (and my cringe-inducing video) at

We have already launched a blog at and increased our activity on social media, but we want to explore the potential of audio and video content, as well as virtual workshops and groups to support personal and professional development.

We want to produce a monthly podcast about clinical psychology. We hope to talk in an engaging, accessible and sometimes humorous way about different models and ways of working, research findings, political/employment issues and cast a psychological eye over current affairs. Anything that might be interesting for psychology students, graduates, trainees, practitioners and therapists, or those that have an interest in the practise of psychology.

Here and there we might want to make a point relevant to the public, the BPS, HCPC, or for professionals and politicians – we have the opportunity to be a voice for clinical psychology in the UK and to develop a psychology “thinktank” that can release statements to the media.

We are also setting up hangouts and discussions for all levels of the career path from student to qualified CP, and offering patrons who have completed a psychology degree the chance to join in various personal and professional development sessions in small groups with peers at a similar career stage. These are intended to be subscription levels that you join for 3-12 months when it is helpful for you, whilst the lower level subscriptions we hope will be long term. Hopefully having a chance to have more personal interaction with us, and joining in our online workshops will help you feel more prepared for applications and more aware of professional issues.

Although it has my name and face on it, it is very much a team effort and I will be supported in the various activities by members of the clinpsy team and I want to be able to reward them for their time and contributions in a way I haven’t been able to on the forum.

Please take a look and see if you want to help us build on what we’ve already achieved, even if it is only for $1/60p per month (Patreon is an international site and uses dollars, so I’ve given the approximate value of each pledge amount in pounds).

You can see our Patreon page and subscribe to us at

Thank you for your support, and for being part of our community.

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