Aiming to be a clinical psychologist? Or just interested in what we write or tweet about?

We’ve written a lot on about the career pathway to becoming a clinical psychologist, but I also have a tradition of offering more personal coaching to help people who are applying for assistant psychologist posts and clinical training course places with personal and professional development. I’ve done this in previous years with personal and professional development days, which have been lots of fun and received very positive feedback*. But this year we are testing out whether such support could take place online.

We are also exploring whether to set up a “thinktank” – a group who can respond with statements to current issues in an informed but also rapid and not overly constrained way, and to highlight concerns about the practise, regulation and application of psychology in the UK (something we think the BPS has struggled to do). We would also like to ask questions and to support the application of psychological research methodology to social and human issues.

Although it has my name and face on it, it is very much a team effort and we are always looking for new contributors to help us to maintain the wiki section, update broken links or outdated content, and writing new entries. We are also open to ideas about how to make the website and community more interactive and more useful to members. If you have ideas, please get in touch.

Thank you for your support, and for being part of our community.


*although a lot of people who attend these days successfully secure places on clinical training courses, I would not wish to claim any credit for this as the groups are self-selected by being highly motivated candidates who have been members of the forum and benefited from the information there as well as having a wide range of professional experiences and may also have demographic variance from the overall population who apply for clinical training.

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