Bio: I'm a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working in the UK. After 17 years in the NHS I left in 2011 and set up my own company. We have subsequently taken on the challenge of introducing tools to help identify the psychological needs of Looked After Children and track how they change over time (see http://www.BERRI.org.uk). We hope that regular use of outcome measurement can improve the quality of services and the life chances of complex children. I have written a book called 'Attachment in Common Sense and Doodles' published by JKP, which tries to make current scientific and therapeutic knowledge about attachment and chronic developmental trauma accessible for adoptive and foster parents, residential care staff, professionals and lay people. I train health, social care, legal and other professionals about attachment and the impact of abuse, trauma and poor early care. Over 1000 people have attended my two-day training for residential care staff, and I’ve trained hundreds of adoptive and foster parents to "manage behaviour with attachment in mind”, as well as training other professionals to deliver this content as a group program. I’ve also done a number of keynotes, workshops and plenaries at conferences. In my spare time, I run http://www.clinpsy.org.uk which is an internet site and forum for aspiring and practising clinical psychologists. We publish an e-magazine called Aspire periodically, for which I am editor. I have also done a lot of expert witness work for the family courts sat on various committees and been involved in lots of policy work. However, I am trying to reduce this element of my work to focus on doing more research, training and consultancy. I want to expand my time for writing (of academic papers, psychology-related books and a novel), and I am currently experimenting with blogging and social media as means to disseminate psychological thinking.

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15 thoughts on “About

  1. Fatima Member says:

    Hiya, I am a recent psychology graduate looking for posts as an assistant psychologist. There are quite a few in which I meet the person specification. However, I am struggling to form answers for the application forms and what kind of information I should include along with the layout. Would it be possible for you to advise me or guide me? Thank you


  2. As someone considering a change of career direction towards clinics or counselling psychology, I wanted to say a huge ‘THANK YOU!!’ For the blog content as well as the clinpsych website. Both have been invaluable resources for me.

    Also, I really appreciate the way you bring your personal politics into your professional work and writing. It’s refreshing, and inspiring (I guess more so because I’m camped out over here on the left with you!).

    All the best!

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  3. Mahjabeen Jawed says:

    Hello Miriam
    I love your ClinPsy website, I am an undergraduate in psychology and in my final month of the third year. I was reading your forum on Formulation for an assignment can I please access to the example you have for a clinical formulation.
    Thank you


  4. atypicaldevelopment says:

    Hello Miriam 🙂 My name is Snigdha and I am an international student currently giving interviews for the DClinPsy program. I have found clinpsy.org very helpful in prepping for interviews and some things to look out for. However, I am still a bit removed from the UK context of Clinical Psychology and am struggling to understand the specifics of what the courses are looking for (in terms of NHS policies and theoretical underpinnings in answers). Would it be possible for you to kindly help me out with a mock interview, please? I do realise that you might be very busy, especially in these difficult times, but any help would be immensely appreciated!


    • Sorry, there are 8000+ members of clinpsy and only one of me. I only communicate with aspiring psychologists through the forum and don’t offer any personal coaching to individuals.


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